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It’s good to talk

March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Talking helps us humans to grow our brains and to keep them agile as we grow and get older. And being a social and inquisitive species makes conversation – the sharing of ideas about ourselves, others and past and possible future events – central to our survival, and ultimately our humanity.

In the latest two installments of our 99 Theses on Shaping a Better World, we look at how and why we have become the chatterers that we are and why conversation in its earliest years is critical to a child’s development.

Listen to the podcast:

We also share a second podcast in the same series which looks at the size of our brains. How is it that if we have such premature brains at birth we go on to become the planet’s pre-eminent learning species? All is revealed . . .

Listen to the podcast:

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